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Company: Croods Canada Inc.
Brand: Croods Canada Inc.

Sales Agent/ Sales Agency Wanted - BC

Established in Canada, Croods is an authentic quality-clothing brand. Croods embodies Canada’s beautiful outdoor lifestyle, adventure sports and leisure. Croods Canada clothing is athletic and outdoor-inspired, made from high quality materials.

We want to take the brand to the next level and gain as much exposure as possible. We are looking for passionate sale agent or agency in BC.

If you are interested in becoming our sales agent, please contact Pawan at

Posted September 21, 2017

Company: Regatta Great Outdoors LLC
Brand: Dare2b

Regatta Great Outdoors LLC is looking for an energetic and driven sales representative for our brand Dare2b in British Columbia Canada to start for the upcoming AW18 selling season.

Dare2b is a multi-sport apparel brand and is part of The Regatta Group; a force, 900-strong, making great strides in the sportswear market. Dare2b’s main HQ is located in Manchester, England but we have a dedicated N. American sales office in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

The Dare2b journey began in 1999 when a group of intrepid sports lovers set out to create a clothing brand with a difference. A brand that offered performance at a fair price and styling for the fashion conscious. Over the past 18 years, we’ve travelled far and wide. Dare2b clothing can be found in over 60 countries worldwide; benefitting here in N. America from our strong Autumn/Winter ski apparel collection. Our skilled team develop technical fabrics and designs in house to maximize our clothes’ performance and keep our ski apparel collection fresh to stay ahead of the pack.

We’re a small, close knit group here in N. America: Dynamic, Driven and with a passion for mountain sports. To ensure we keep moving in the right direction, we put a lot of emphasis on training, personal development and planning for the road ahead. If you are interested in helping our brand continue our upward growth please send your inquiry along with your CV and/or agency profile to:
Corey Rappsilber
N. American Sales Manager
Office: (603)-292-6850
Direct line: (603)-292-1067

Posted August 8, 2017

Company: A1 Sport
Brand: Compressport, Fitletic, Polar Bottle, Lorpen, Rekarb 

Looking for somebody in BC to help us with the following products :

Polar Bottle

We are A1 distribution based in Quebec and the agent will be reporting to Fred directly

First contact via email at

Posted August 8, 2017

Company: Steigen
Brand: Steigen

Product: Athletic Socks

Steigen is an Australian company, founded by former Olympic Athlete, Louis Rowan. Louis has designed a One Size Fits All, Italian Lycra and Nylon Athletic Sock. Our mentality is that cushioning in socks is a myth. If you are using your socks for cushioning, you have the wrong shoes on. Our socks are marketed towards marathoners, trail runners, cyclists, triathletes and of course the weekend jogger. Steigen currently has a base in both Colorado and Australia.

Growth: Steigen stocks 85 stores in Australia, as well as distributors in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Malaysia and Singapore. Steigen Socks launched in the United States at The Running Event in December 2016, and has attended running events in LA, San Francisco and Colorado along with others. Steigen is stocked in Jack Rabbit Stores across the US as well as independents.

As an example, we connected with Torbjorn Kvam, our distributor from Norway in July of 2016. At the Oslo Marathon in September of 2016, we sold 1400 pairs of socks. Torbjorn has since started his own brand, his own website, has store accounts, attends many expos around Europe and has benefited greatly from the opportunity and quality product we pride ourselves on.

Steigen is looking for an agent in BC to take on a growing brand and a huge opportunity. Get in touch with Dom Godfrey at to have a chat and organise some samples to test out the product for yourself!

Posted July 7, 2017

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